Step 6: Combining powers, Legend with Replay

Legend gives you the power of animated texts, Replay turns it into a video masterpiece.

Get Replay, our free iPhone app to make videos and you can combine your Legends together or add them to a video, you can also add background music that way!

You are on Android? Be a little patient because we're working on Replay for Android! Yay!

In Replay App:

  • Select your Legends
  • Choose the video style Grammy for example (but it also works nicely with other styles)
  • Go in the Timeline (second icon under the preview of your video)
  • Tap on your Legend then on the "scissors" icon
  • Activate the option "Play without cuts" if you want to fully see the 6 seconds of your Legend
  • Trim your Legend if necessary
  • Add some music: either a music from Replay or one from your music library

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