Step 5: Save and Share video and animated GIF

Once you've chosen all elements of your Legend you can finally save and share it

  • Share video on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, WhatsApp and in emails
  • Share auto-playing GIF on iMessages or Facebook Messenger conversations

Know that:

  • On iOS, save video in your camera roll by taping on "[...] More"
  • On iOS, GIFs do not play in the camera roll so we don't export them to your camera roll
  • ⚠ WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter do not support the GIF format coming out of Legend

We suggest to share the video, it's better quality and less limiting than the GIF
Share the GIF only in Messenger. Be aware that some devices (especially Android) may not support the GIF.


iOS Android
Square Square or Landscape 
640p 512p / 720p / 1080p

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