Step 1: Write your text

Of course text is the center element of your Legend.
When you open Legend you will see a default text (we've tried to make it fun and interesting!) and you will be prompted to modify it and to add your own (or you can keep our text suggestion if you like it). 

You can write up to 100 characters and add text breaks.


  • times, distances, percentages, durations trigger custom animations - try it!
    • times: 13h37 - 12:12am/pm- 13h- 13:37
    • distances: 10 miles - 10.20mi - 12,2 km
    • percentages: 100%
    • durations: 10min - 10' - 22''
  • Legend highlights #hashtags, @usernames and *markdown
  • Single word:  if you type one word, a new style will have it show up letter by letter. B.R.I.L.L.A.N.T
  • Quotes: type something like [“I said something amazing” - Me] and voila, you’re quotable
  • Legend displays emojis :)
  • Legend understands punctuation: animation styles look for line breaks and punctuation to animate your Legend
  • Legend animates numbers
  • Legend understands colors (on iOS: English for all languages + iPhone language in French/German/Spanish)

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