I can't find my Legends


Legends can be saved in you camera roll as videos - not as GIFs.
GIFs do not play in the iOS camera roll so we don't export them to your camera roll.

If you don't find them:
Space on your device could be the issue


Legends are saved in a Legend folder in your Gallery / Photos App.
You can save both videos or GIFs.

If you don't find them:
- Your Gallery app (app to see your photos) is acting up and not showing correctly the Legend folder
- Not enough space on your device seems to be another logical explanation

You can:
- Reboot your device it could help
- Instead of doing a "Save" choose "Share" and send it to yourself per email for example.
- You can check if the legend you've made is here, on your device by using this file explorer app > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amaze.filemanager

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