How can I get more text options?

More characters:
We have to keep Legends short, more characters would not work out with the animation styles. Since the text is animated making it longer will probably make it impossible to be read! We believe in short and simple ;)

More fonts:
Font is a tricky subject because it's hard if not impossible to find the right fonts working on all devices and in all languages. That's why you can't just pick the font that you want. We carefully select each font for higher compatibility and better animation rendering.

More text colors:
We offer presets of color combo that fits nicely together, sorry if it doesn't work well with your photos. You can choose the first preset it's a no filter one. We can't give the color-wheel option as it's not compatible with our engine.

More text positions:
Text position depends on the animation style and can't be manually selected. Just so you know, some text animation styles appear at the bottom so that you can be sure to see the picture/clip in the background.

Text speed:
This is all managed automatically by Legend so that the text can be displayed fully and that it all works with the chosen animation style.
If you feel your text isn't readable, best would be to either change the style or write a shorter text.

We will try to add more options/animations but we have a very big to-do list, too many things on it, too little time and not enough people. 
Also we're concentrating hard on Replay App iOS & Android lately.

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